Cant believe I didn't post a single blog in all of 2009!
Facebook has taken over my free time :)

so a lot has happened since i last updated this blog...

07-20-08 : diya turned one! (wow!)
07-21-08 : mom-dad went back to india
07-23-08 : neha went back to india
07-24-08 : diya started daycare again
--somewhere here diya started walking--
08-09-08 : samaj picnic was fun
08-18-08 : i turned 31 (huh?)
08-21-08 : i officially was sworn in as a US citizen (yey!)

well, not much of a blog entry, but thats the best i could come up with my busy work schedule... more next time.

Guess who passed his citizenship interview....Mr. Premal Shah!!! Congratulations, hun!

His oath ceremony is on August 21st after which he will officially be a U.S. Citizen and we will be a 100% American family.

Knowing Premal, I'm sure he is looking forward to being able to vote and getting security clearance for many more naval ship yards. On the down side he probably won't like having to get a new passport and require an Indian visa. He plans on applying for dual-citizenship so hopefully it won't be an issue for long.


The Isthmian Games

The ancient Greeks tell of a man named Sisyphus, a once mighty king of Corinth, who founded the Isthmian Games in honor of his fallen comrade Melicertes. Homer was fond of saying king Sisyphus was the wisest and most cunning of the mortals.

Today’s Isthmian Games are a series of difficult puzzles that some say solving is not unlike Sisyphus’s legendary struggle to roll a rock up a hill, only to see it fall before reaching the peak. Most who compete in the Games push their rock uphill only to see it fall back time and time again. Only the tireless few will eventually triumph and win the coveted Melicertes Award.

Each puzzle created for the Isthmian Games is painstakingly crafted, taking months—sometimes years—before it’s completed. The puzzles produced for the Isthmian Games are unique and complex challenges created for that narrow strip of humanity that enjoy burning a little fat off their souls through adventuresome puzzling.

Time is only a factor in that you’re racing against the world’s most devoted puzzlers to be the first to successfully solve the challenge. Some challenges end quickly; others may take years before they’re solved by a single individual. In the absence of an official winner the challenges remain open in perpetuity.

Wanna try?

too many people have been and still are astonished when i mention that i'm an engineer but not IT or software or hardware.... its almost like them asking me "then why are you in the US again?" guess a 'structural marine engineer' just aint cool enough...

so this is for those people who are really interested in what i do... click!

my company Heger Dry Dock, Inc., designs floating docks, like the one you see in the video, with the 2 cranes on it, the one that floods down to launch the submarine.

Added 05-06-08

Floating Dry Docks are steel structures (sometimes massive) that consist of machinery (pumps, valves, controls) and ballast (water) tanks. By flooding the ballast tanks the dock can be submerged to dock a ship and then dewatered to lift the docked ship out of the water... vice versa to undock the ship.

Dyson Slim DC18

so, our old vacuum cleaner (Bissell Cleanview II) has been on its last leg for a few months now... after half a day's worth of vacuum cleaner research, i quickly realized that there are the cheap vacuums that work mediocre and last 2-3 years and then there are the good vacuums that cost 3 times more but last like 10 years... i also realized that Dysons though very expensive have the best reviews and seemingly are worth every penny you spend on 'em.

last night i found a good deal on this Dyson Slim DC18 and decided to take my plunge into the expensive but good vacuum cleaners... assembly was a breeze and a trial run on our rug resulted in collecting dirt and fuzz i didnt even know was in the rug... especially after my Bissell had been on it just few days ago.

this thing is pretty light and fancy looking for its performance, power and price... check it out online here

i will probably post a better review after a year or so of using it, but for now its most expensive vacuum cleaner i've ever bought!

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